Kayte Ministeri

Licensed Massage Therapist located in Denver, CO

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About Kayte Ministeri

Kayte Ministeri is a 2017 LMT graduate with prior clinical experience and a concentration in recovery and bodywork injuries. Specializing in structural rehabilitation and trigger-point therapy, she has expansive knowledge covering; whiplash, frozen shoulder, post-surgical, pseudo-sciatica and others. Trained in temporo mandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD) intraoral bodywork, clients with TMJD suffer from headaches, migraines, or popping of the jaw, and neck pain/stiffness. Sessions can also help improve your posture, promote blood circulation, relieve stiff muscles, reduce or even eliminate popping of the jaw and increase your flexibility. Due to the time effort it takes to truly release fascial tissue, she usually works on patient's few specific issues for 60 minutes to aid certain injuries. Needing additional therapy, it is recommended to reserve an extended session. Kayte also has been trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine vacuum cupping and can be included within sports massage appointments or cupping only sessions.

Insurance Accepted

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