There are days that I look in the mirror, and I’m wondering what the heck is going on…I say to myself, “omg I look pregnant!” I literally look like I gained 15 pounds over night.

Beer belly anyone?

Take this feeling plus gas and you’ve got one heck of an uncomfortable lady! That was me 15 years ago: gassy and bloated all the time!! Luckily, that is on the rare occasion these days.

There’s a common theme among the questions I get from clients, and that is; “Why am I always bloated?”

There could be two things going on. Let’s identify which category you fall into below.

Puffy & swollen? You wake up and your eye lids, fingers, belly feel swollen? This is probably due to holding onto extra water your body doesn’t need and happens to all of us on occasion; it’s part of life.

Belly bloating all the time? If you’re like I used to be, and you feel like you always look pregnant, it could be a more serious issue.

Let’s look at common things that are more easily fixed that could be causing this problem.

  1. Artificial sweeteners: this was my issue! I chewed so much fake gum (which causes gas in our digestive system) I literally hurt my jaw! If you’re a splenda, sweet n low, equal, diet drink kind of person, this can absolutely be the culprit. When your body is fed a foreign substance (artificial sweeteners) it can react by causing bloat and gas.
  2. Eating out and processed foods: You probably know this, but when we eat out, we don’t know what is going into our food, and we get a ton of extra sodium. The chemicals in processed food are not real food, and therefore your body is seeing it as a foreign substance, once again.
  3. Alcohol: Alcohol can cause dehydration… by causing us to pee a lot. When we are dehydrated our bodies will hold on to every ounce of fluid to prevent it from getting worse.
  4. We’re backed up. If you suffer from constipation that will certainly make you bloated. Make sure to get your daily dose of fiber to help get things moving!
  5. Too many cruciferous veggies (too much fiber) Just down a whole bunch of raw kale? This could be the culprit.
  6. Your protein powder: there are so many protein powders on the market that’re full of chemicals & artificial sweeteners. Get yourself one with ingredients you can pronounce! I use Purium and it’s the best investment I have ever made!
  7. Carbohydrates: I love me some carbs…and I eat them daily, but for some of us…too much can cause your body to hold onto water, which will make you feel bloated. Find the right amount for your body and stick with that!
  8. Carbonated drinks. The bubbles in carbonated water can cause a build up of air that moves down the digestive tract into the colon, causing extra bloat

    Let’s talk about the more serious stomach bloating, feeling pregnant all the time bloat.

The # 1 culprit here is your gut health! Your gut is your second brain, and it controls almost all bodily functions. If it becomes unhealthy, it manifests in many different ways, and the most common one is gas/bloat.

More times than not, clients come with this exact challenge and we work to clean out their gut, and this usually solves the problem over time. What causes an unhealthy gut?

  1. Food allergies/sensitivities: most common ones are dairy, gluten, soy, nuts.
  2. Lack of sleep: this is a very common one that most people skip over. I’m not talking about a night or two here and there of bad sleep. BUT, if you have struggled with getting a healthy dose of ZZZ’s, that causes a lot of stress on the body, and can contribute to an unhealthy gut.
  3. Chronic stress: Your gut and your brain are inter-connected
  4. Medications. Have you taken antibiotics on and off your entire life, or maybe you’ve had a recent stint of several rounds? Antibiotics kill the good bacteria that keep your gut healthy, and without it, it can cause bloating.
  5. Too much sugar/processed food

What are problems without solutions?

Next blog we will be talking about solutions to reduce the bloat you are experiencing! We will dive into both kinds and how you can help yourself, so you can start to feel like you again!! Check back next week!

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