How Does Denver Sports Recovery (DSR) function for clients?

DSR has two perspectives; We have over 12 different types of therapies that are available by appointment that can either be scheduled online, over the phone, or while at our facility. The other perspective is our Recovery Center. The recovery Center is on a walk-in bases in which clients have full access to a wide range of professional and elite tools and modalities to use at their discretion.

What is the Recovery Center?

The Recovery Center is modeled after a professional or elite training facility that gives the client full access to tools and modalities not typically accessible to the general public. It operates off of walk-in hours that allow clients to come in and utilize as they see fit.

What if I don't know what tools to use in the Recovery Center?

We always have a Recovery Specialist on staff that can help assist in guiding clients through which tools and modalities may be most applicable to their situation. Notes can be made so that the client has a regiment to follow.

Can I use the Recovery Center in addition to an appointment?

Yes, the Recovery Center can be used in addition to an appointment. If not a member, a client can pay for a “Recovery Center Add On” to use the facility before or after the appointment.

How do visits/memberships work?

Visits to use the Recovery Center can be a Day Pass, Week Pass, or monthly membership options. All memberships give clients full access to the Recovery Center. Memberships vary in one month or reoccurring. Also, some memberships include therapy appointments in addition to Recovery Center access each month. Details and pricing can be found online, www.denversportsrecovery.com, our facility in person, or over the phone at 303-718-3435.

How do I know what kind of an appointment to make?

All therapy options provided at DSR can be found with a description of the service on our website. For additional assistance, feel free to ask our Recovery Specialists who are available during all business hours. Try a day in the recovery center; it can help narrow down what therapy options may be most conducive for your specific circumstances.

Do I have to be a professional athlete to use the recovery center?

No, while we have many profession athletes that use our facility, we have people from all walks of life that utilize and benefit from our facility.

Is my first Recovery Center Visit Complementary?

While we do not offer complimentary first visits to our Recovery Center, we do offer complimentary tours by a staff member for anyone who would like to learn more about the opportunities DSR offers.

What do I wear?

Please wear comfortable athletic attire and feel free to bring a swimsuit if you would like to feel the benefits of the hot/cold tubs and infrared sauna.

Do I have to be a member to schedule an appointment (massage, fascial stretch, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.)?

No, appointments can be made for any of our services/treatments without being a member of the recovery center. A membership includes discounted rates for all treatments and cryosauna.

Is the CryoSauna included in the membership?

At this point in time, there is not a membership that includes CryoSauna. CryoSauna, although placed around the recovery center, require scheduled appointment times and a technician to operate.