Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy may seem like something only available to professional athletes, like Tiger Woods or Maria Sharapova, but actually many people are seeking out these injections to heal from a variety of injuries. PRP is becoming increasingly popular in the world of regenerative medicine due to its optimal healing process, gaining people back their mobility, and alleviating pain.

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What is PRP?

This method is a safe, non-surgical procedure that utilizes your own body’s blood to foster growth and healing. Plasma in your blood is made up of mostly water and proteins, while platelets are a type of blood cell that is responsible for making your blood clot and other healing properties. Plasma normally has 200 million platelets per microliter. Plasma becomes ‘platelet-rich’ when the concentration of platelets increases beyond this typical ratio. Blood is collected and placed in a special centrifuge to separate the platelets, forming a concentrated substance. When the right balance is achieved, the platelets are injected at the site of injury or pain. PRP therapy mimics the body’s natural healing process by delivering a high concentration of platelets to the damaged tissue.

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What Can PRP Help Treat?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRPT) is used to treat a variety of injuries and ailments for both athletes as well as non-athletes suffering from pain and injury. Typically PRP injections are used to treat arthritis, acute injuries, ACL & MCL injuries, tendonitis, PCL, meniscal tears, tendon injuries, and chronic pain relief. It is also becoming more common in the cosmetic world, often with PRP injections treatments including hair loss, facials, and more!

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Benefits of PRP Therapy

PRPT is a cutting-edge regenerative medicine treatment plan that enhances the healing process and greatly reduces pain without the need for surgery. Here are the top five benefits of PRP therapy:

  1. Heals sports injuries

  2. Provides symptomatic relief for arthritis and joint pain

  3. Effectively heals and reduces tissue inflammation

  4. Safe & non-surgical procedure

  5. Provides long-lasting relief for pain

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Customized Treatment Plans Available

At Denver Sports Recovery, we pride ourselves on offering the best recovery services available. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is the most advanced approach in regenerative medicine. Our PRPT sessions are safe, effective, and affordable. You don’t have to have Alex Rodriguez’s or Kim Kardashian’s net worth to receive the care you need. Contact us today to see if PRP is the right treatment plan for you!