Alright I said it; Counting calories in vs out IS NOT the way to achieve lasting weight loss! You may achieve short term weight loss that way, but it will be very hard to keep it off! Who wants to lose weight only to have it come back on? The key is “lasting” here!

Woohoo…isn’t calorie counting so tedious anyways? Yes, calories are a part of the equation, but seriously not the biggest! Keeping your blood sugar stable is the key when it comes to losing weight…. IMO, and in the latest research! WHAT!? Yes, yes and yes!! Let’s look at it more closely.

What causes weight gain? High levels of insulin in our body! What raises insulin? High blood sugar! What raises blood sugar? FOOD!!! Processed carbs and sugar mainly (amongst some other lifestyle things). Food is literally medicine y’all. Eat foods that don’t spike your blood sugar…lose weight and stay lean. Eat foods that consistently spike your blood sugar…gain weight, and get disease! It truly is that simple! However, I know there is so much more than goes into losing weight then just eating. There’s emotions, keeping a social life, enjoying what you eat, getting rid of old thinking patterns and habits, and that is why I am working on creating a virtual 6 week program for ya! More on that later!

For the purpose of today’s blog though, I want to share with you some steps you can take RIGHT NOW to start lowering your insulin levels, (which most of us need and it equals losing weight) keep your mood in check, sleep better and have tons of energy! Here are a few action steps YOU can take TODAY!

  1. Add low glycemic veggies into your diet freely! These should be the basis of your diet! Broccoli, asparagus, spinach, chard, kale, cabbage, bok choy, celery, cucumber, seaweed and more! If you head over to my FB page, I share the exact smoothie I drink that is easy to get some of these greens in! trust me, it’s not gross!
  2. If you are going to eat a carbohydrate of any form (fruit, bread, pasta, whole grains etc) make sure to pair it with some form of fat and/or protein. This slows down the spike in blood sugar. Think apple with almond butter. Rice with chicken.
  3. Focus on the quality of your food. Think about your life… do you get the most joy out of life when you focus on the quality of your relationships and work? Then why not focus on your food quality, it will only make you feel your best! Choose organic produce, organic poultry, wild fish and grass fed beef when possible. When choosing dairy, go with sheep’s or goat milk cheese and grass fed yogurt.
  4. Use Slim & Sassy Doterra Essential oil. This gem is a metabolic blend that promotes a healthy metabolism, helps manage hunger throughout the day, helps to keep blood sugar stable, and promotes a positive mood. Add to water and sip throughout the day! Consume before meals to help appetite and overeating. Click HERE to check it out!

This whole week on SOCIAL MEDIA we are talking about how to keep your blood sugar stable through food for weight loss, so make sure to follow along and get all the tips! These are just a few.