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ALAS! I have finished my Functional Med Coaching program, and I am super stoked to bring this knowledge to all of you because that’s what it’s all about, right?

Denver Sports Recovery - Functional Medicine Coaching

While I feel I have been using a lot of the same principles with my holistic nutrition background, I have learned so much and have brought that into my practice to help you even more to lose fat, keep it off forever, and heal disease! But, every time I tell people I do functional medicine coaching, they look at me with a blank stare…”uhhhh, what?!” So I thought this would be a good time to tell ya’ll what the heck FM is and how it can help you!

Functional medicine addresses the root cause of your challenges around health and wellness. Instead of giving you a pill or a short-term solution to mask the problem, Functional medicine uses nutrition and lifestyle changes that enable you to improve your health and wellness over the long term. It addresses the whole person, and not just a set of symptoms. It treats each client as an individual, and programs are tailored to you and your needs.

So, how can that benefit you? Well, as I always say, losing weight and keeping it off, plus healing disease is so much more than just telling you what to eat. Most of you know what to eat, but applying it to your daily life and staying consistent proves to be challenging…am I right? There are so many other areas of health that contribute to your ability to be successful, and that is where FM comes in. Can you think of a time where you got really frustrated about something, and headed straight to the kitchen cabinet to grab food? Or a time when you started a new “diet” program only to stop it 4 weeks later? Have you asked yourself why either of those scenarios has happened? If you really want to lose weight, keep it off & heal disease, you have to address all of the factors, not just the food! Just to name a few:

-Stress. Sleep. Loneliness. Physical activity. Relationships. Joy.

I know we all want quick fixes, but losing fat, keeping it off, and managing disease, is a journey, not a destination.

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