Cammy Polson-Johnson


Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist, & Certified Aromatherapist.

Dr. Cammy has always been fascinated with the Human Body. As a child, her mother always told her she would be a “psychologist”. She disagreed and said she was going to be a professional athlete. She would run and train and didn’t think twice about how she showed up as a friend, a good listener and problem solver. Little did she know, she should listen to her mama. Looking back throughout her life, she can now see, God was constantly prepping her to do what she does today: To help people listen to their bodies and then be able to guide them into optimal health. Her undergraduate degree (while playing Div I Soccer) from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee was in Kinesiology, with a minor in psychology and nutrition. She was Pre-med until she took a couple of cadaver labs, and her ability to smell everything was put into her awareness. Which switched her path and served her years later, by becoming a Certified Aromatherapist. After working in the athletic training, nutrition and coaching fields… she felt she wanted ‘more’. To help people in a different way. She wanted to

Help others in ALL the facets of their lives. After a lot of research and prayer, in 1999 she enrolled into The Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Colorado Chinese Medicine University) in Denver, Colorado. She graduated, with honors, and focused on treating athletes and children. For several years she has continued to treat both and so many more. In 2021, she completed her Doctorate from Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, CA. with an emphasis on Integrating Eastern & Western Medicine. Although initially focused on the physiological body, later she was shown that she needed to pay special attention to ALL of the client. Evaluating the spiritual, intellectual, emotional AND physical body. Balancing these and customizing her treatments to the specific individual and how the disharmony is showing up in their lifestyle, she sees faster, more efficient results that hold for longer periods of time. After 20+ years of experience, working in Yoga studios, pediatric offices, sports facilities, and in private practice she has worked with Professional athletes, post surgery, mental health, families, couples, women, men & children… Although she is not ‘specialized’, she does heavily focus on the microbiome & gut health, nutrition, micro minerals and the micro circulation system. She has seen acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, breathing, stretching, meditation, movement, diet and lifestyle change people’s lives for the better. Her goal while working with her patients is to have everyone feel good while LIVING out their unique path of their GOD GIVEN FULL POTENTIAL. She has been the primary acupuncturist at Denver Sports Recovery since 2018. Her love and respect of God, her husband Daryl Johnson and Daughter Kaizen continues to inspire and guide her. She is a Colorado native and passionate about her Great Dane, Shorkie, dance, stretching, gardening, learning new things, homesteading, EMF protection, good food, reading her Bible and All things healthy.