Cammy Polson-Johnson


Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Acupuncturist

I have always been fascinated with the Human Body. As a child, my mother always told me I would be a “psychologist”. I disagreed and said I was going to be a professional athlete. I would run and train and didn’t think twice about how I showed up as a friend and a good listener. Little did I know, I should listen to my mama, and to myself. Looking back throughout my life, I realize God was constantly prepping me to do exactly what I do: To help people listen to their bodies and then be able to guide them into optimal health. My undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee was in Kinesiology, with a minor in psychology and nutrition. I was Pre-med until I took a couple of cadaver labs, and my amazing ability to smell everything was put into my awareness. At the conclusion of college and working in the athletic training, nutrition and coaching fields… I felt I wanted more. To help people in a different way. I wanted to keep people healthy while they go through all areas of LIFE. After a lot of research, and against my parents preferences, I applied and enrolled into Acupuncture School at The Chinese School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Denver, Colorado. I initially went with the intention on treating athletes only. I only wanted to treat athletes! And then, I fell in love with Pediatrics. And throughout the years have continued to treat both and then some. So, although I wanted to be ‘specialized’ in sports medicine that is not all that I do. 5 years into practicing Acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine, I was continuously reminded of how important “the emotional body” is. I was shown that I needed to pay special attention to ALL of the client. To treat the emotional AND physical body. By doing this and customizing my treatments to the specific individual and how the disharmony is showing up in their lifestyle, we see faster and more efficient results that hold for longer periods of time. After 15+ years of experience, I have seen acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, breathing, yoga, mediation, movement, diet and lifestyle change people’s world to the better. I want everyone to feel good in their minds, emotions, spirit and bodies! I want everyone to be living in their FULL POTENTIAL. My husband Daryl Johnson and my Daughter Kaizen continue to inspire and guide my passion for healthy living. LOVE.