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Denver Sports Recovery is the top-rated chiropractic, physical therapy, athletic training, and cryotherapy center in Denver, CO. We provide professional sports recovery to athletes of all levels. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to get the best recovery for athletes in Denver — but you’ll always be treated like a pro when you come to Denver Sports Recovery.

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    "I went here after spraining my ankle, and it was wonderful. They developed a treatment plan and provided multiple modalities to help promote healing and a fast recovery. So cool that this is available through ClassPass".

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    "Excellent. The team made sure I was comfortable for my first cryo appt. Felt good afterward."

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    "Friendly, helpful staff and lots of different services available. I'm looking forward to trying more!"

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    "This place is the BEST and unreal that it's on ClassPass. Go in with an idea of the kind of bodywork you want to do, or have the therapy specialists guide you through various recovery exercises with the machines. Don't forget a bathing suit for the hot and cold tubs, & the sauna!"

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    "This place is awesome! to be able to drop in w/ ClassPass is a steal! Therapists are very knowledgeable and friendly."

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    "My cryotherapy session was a great experience. The processes were explained very well and I enjoyed the treatment."

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    "I would highly recommend cryotherapy at Denver Sports Recovery. This was my second time trying cryo, and the staff was friendly and helpful. It was a pleasant experience and I’m feeling great afterwards!"

Classpass reviews

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    "Dr. Prada is awesome! She really made dry needling as pleasant of an experience as it can be.. The next day my hips felt fantastic!" -Kaydee

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    "Marsha Prada is the best chiropractor I've seen in CO - she is not only extremely talented, but she is also an upbeat, caring person." - Sarah

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    "I am getting more range of motion back every time!" - David

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    "Dr. Prada is the best!" - Lisa

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    "Denver Sports Recovery always fixes me and keeps me running at life at full speed!" - Carrie

Mind-Body Reviews

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    "Staff here are incredible from front desk to ownership. I've seen just about every one of their specialists as well. They are all experts of their own crafts and helpful." - Dylan

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    "I have been treated at Denver Sports Recovery for many years! Through accidents, surgeries, and general care. I have always been pleased and well taken care of! The staff is friendly and always helpful. Dr. Prada has relieved my nerve pain through dry needling. I'm so thankful for their care." - Judy

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    "Denver Sports Recovery and the people that work here just "get it." I came here after several months of degrading SI (sacroiliac) joint pain and am back to normal activity after less than two weeks." - Patrick

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As you can see, Denver Sports Recovery is the top-rated chiropractic and cryotherapy center in Denver! If you are looking for a reliable, trusted source of sports medicine, Denver Sports Recovery is the place for you! Contact us today to book your first recovery session and see how Denver Sports Recovery can help you get stronger!