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The longer a problem area goes without being addressed, the more compensation patterns the body will produce. Before long comes the chronic pain, prescription drugs and routine Doctor's appointments, let the providers at Denver Sports Recovery (DSR) get you back on the path to health and well being. Even if you aren’t currently in pain, but want to optimize performance in any facet of your life. At DSR, we take a multi-disciplined approach to everything. See how functional your mobility is by calling to schedule an appointment or booking online today!

Functional Movement Q&A

functional mobility

What is Functional Mobility?

What is creativity without practical application? Fun! Now what happens when creativity is given practicality? We get innovation! At DSR, we don’t use the “F” word - (flexibility). We use the term “mobility” because it’s specifically used to describe how well joints move through a range of motion. Once we can establish adequate mobility, we enforce that new motion with stability exercises that open a whole new world of motion. And remember! Motion is Lotion for your joints!

Do I need to be injured for this service to work?

Absolutely not! Virtually everyone can benefit from having their movement assessed by a professional movement specialist. Even if we don’t have pain, we are all compensating for something. Let one of our skilled clinicians give you the key to unlock your next level of performance.

functional mobilityfunctional mobility

What do these appointments look like?

Each client that wants to take their performance to the next level will be put through a battery of movement based tests. From there, any soft tissue restrictions will be addressed through manual therapy, cupping, scraping, and anything else the clinician thinks is appropriate at that time. Finally, each client will be given a specifically tailored program to complete on their own, at home or at the gym. The clients who see the most improvement follow up with additional appointments to have their home program adjusted, progressed, and optimized.

Functonal Movement

Initial Session  $79
Follow Up (30min)  $50
Follow Up (15min)  $25
*Package options available