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Water-immersion therapy is one of the most intuitive and broadly-recommended techniques for helping your body feel better. Whether it’s a hot bath with epsom salts or dunking your foot in ice water, we all know that a good soak has immense healing potential.

As the science behind maintaining our physical health has matured, both hot and cold water immersion have been linked to improved health outcomes like faster recovery time from...

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How many of us have jumped out of bed in the morning to only find a very painful landing that can be extremely painful and only get worse as the day goes on? Foot pain can easily be the most annoying or aggravating part of our days especially when we think it could just be tightness from sleeping. Here’s some information on a condition that could be causing the pain that so many of us are experiencing as we jump out of bed and get ready for...

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Cell phones have forged their way into every aspect of our lives, but they could also be the culprit of many common conditions. The average cell phone user holds their cell phone from the moment they wake up, until the moment they go to bed with little down time in between. Spending multiple hours a day on your phone places unnatural and repetitive stress on your joints and muscles. The most common cell phone induced injuries include:...

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Carpal tunnel is one of the most common workplace conditions. It commonly occurs after long term use of a computer with the most common symptoms being pain and numbness in the hands, wrists, and fingers. Up until a few years ago, the standard of care included pain relievers and surgery. However, with more research being done about the poor outcomes of surgery, Chiropractors have been able to offer a less invasive and more effective treatment...


If you read last weeks blog, and you were raising your hand to any of it saying “that’s me that’s me,” then I know you are also looking for some solutions. We have all been in a place of waking up and feeing puffy and swollen, AKA bloated. As I said last week that could be due to factors that are easily fixable. Below are a few things you can do to get rid of the temporary bloat you may be experiencing.

  1. Hydration!! While it seems...

There are days that I look in the mirror, and I’m wondering what the heck is going on…I say to myself, “omg I look pregnant!” I literally look like I gained 15 pounds over night.

Beer belly anyone?

Take this feeling plus gas and you’ve got one heck of an uncomfortable lady! That was me 15 years ago: gassy and bloated all the time!! Luckily, that is on the rare occasion these days.

There’s a common theme among the questions I...


Last week I was in Ocean City, MD on a family vacation. To make a long story short, my dad passed 10 years ago, and he grew up in Salisbury MD. He spent summers in OC as a kid. When I was a child, he would take us there every year, so we go there to honor him and keep the tradition alive!

What I have heard from you so many times is how hard it is to stay healthy when traveling or on vacation. I get it. You work hard at life all year...


I hate when I hear “experts” telling people to “eat these foods, they will make you lose weight,” because honestly, and I know you know this, there isn’t a secret food that will make you burn fat and lose weight on its own. BUT, there is a series of foods that work in their own way (along with a SLIGHT calorie deficit) to help you fight fat, get healthy, and prevent chronic disease. I wanted to compile my fav ones and tell you why they will...


ALAS! I have finished my Functional Med Coaching program, and I am super stoked to bring this knowledge to all of you because that’s what it’s all about, right?

Denver Sports Recovery - Functional Medicine Coaching

While I feel I have been using a lot of the same principles with my holistic nutrition background, I have learned so much and have brought that into my practice to help you even more to lose fat, keep it off forever,...


If you are struggling with high blood sugar, and quite possibly pre-diabetes, this ones for you. I want to tell you about a client I had about a year ago, Annie. She had just been to the doctor who told her she was newly pre-diabetic. She called me frantically needing to get those numbers down. “ Julia, I cannot develop diabetes, and I have 3 weeks to bring my blood sugar down.” Well, you know I was right there to help her, and fast!! Sure...


Just a few days ago, I was sitting in front of my TV watching the Bachelor (my guilty pleasure, don’t judge me!) and all of a sudden I had an urge for a nestle skippy pop. You probably don’t know what this is, but as a kid my friends and I would take pops cereal, one at a time, dip it in skippy peanut butter, and top it off with a chocolate chip. Ahh so nostalgic for me! Why was I all of a sudden craving something I hadn’t had in...


Alright I said it; Counting calories in vs out IS NOT the way to achieve lasting weight loss! You may achieve short term weight loss that way, but it will be very hard to keep it off! Who wants to lose weight only to have it come back on? The key is “lasting” here!

Woohoo…isn’t calorie counting so tedious anyways? Yes, calories are a part of the equation, but seriously not the biggest! Keeping your blood sugar stable is the key when it...


Phew! What a week I had visiting family and friends in New York! It’s crazy how when I’m out of my routine for 10 days, how much I missed it! I really like having structure in my life, what about you? Are you a go with the flow type person, or would you rather have structure? I’d love to hear from you on which you are! It helps me help you! TELL ME HERE, click the IG icon and DM ME!! I would love to hear from you!

As you may have...


Snacking! One of my favorite things, and I think so many other people’s favorite thing to do! It’s pleasurable, it’s delicious and it’s accessible! I keep hearing from clients that it’s their nemesis, and I got to thinking I better help ya’ll with getting a hold on it!

First and foremost, before I can hammer out some strategies for ya, I want to mention that it really doesn’t matter what hot new program you’re doing, what 30 day...


Over the last 10 years of working in the nutrition industry, I have narrowed it down to 4 key things that I want you to be looking at to make sure you not only lose fat, but keep it off permanently, and I wanted to share those with you! If all of these things are in check, and you are still not losing fat, then we will need to dig deeper, and that’s what Verve is here for! Ok, here we go….

  • Get your calories in check! This is only...

Your gut is a whole set of organs starting from the mouth down to the rectum. It is your entire digestive tract. It controls all bodily functions, and that is why we call it the second brain. Everything from mood to immune to nervous system and more! If you constantly experience headaches, gas, bloat, acid reflux, upset stomach, sleep and mood challenges, or if you always feel like something is “off,”this video is for you. In this video, you...


Alcohol, sweet alcohol!!! Can you guys relate to this? Friday night and you’re super pumped for the weekend because it means fun time! Friends, mountains, drinks, laughs, you name it! Every Friday I get texts from clients asking about what cocktails they can have and how much alcohol is ok while they’re trying to lose weight.” Calm down people!! I promise I’m not going to take your precious alcohol away!

Let’s talk alcohol: how does it...


So you recently ate shit working on your triple cork, that you ABSOLUTELY did not land, and now you’re not feeling aces. But here’s the thing, the mountains are getting hammered with snow all week, and you want to get up there! Bummer for you right? Not exactly.I know a place in the LoHi area that can help you recover from your little full send fail. Denver Sports Recoveryhas tons of therapeutic modalities, all of which are here to help you...


Autumn is here (yay!) so here are my top 10 picks for seasonal produce during this beautiful time of year. Buying seasonal (and ideally local) ensures that you’re getting the freshest fruits and veggies at the peak of ripeness!

1. Winter Squash

Nutrient-dense, fiber-rich, and filling, squash is just the best in autumn. There are so many varieties! My faves are butternut, red kuri, delicata, acorn and spaghetti....


This dish has Fall written all over it. Eating a stew that’s been simmering all day in the crock pot on a chilly night – that’s what I look forward to as the days get shorter and the nights get colder. To make this dish, you don’t have to have a tagine. In case you’re wondering, a tagine is a conical shaped pot with a wide, shallow base and a tall lid fitting snugly inside. As the food cooks, steam rises into the cone, condenses, and then...


Most kids are picky eaters and I know a lot of moms struggle with getting their little ones to eat healthy. One tip is getting them involved in preparing and cooking snacks and meals. If they are part of the process, it’s likely they will want to taste the end result. Also, exposing them to as much variety as possible, especially when it comes to veggies, is key. Try putting a small serving of several different veggies on their plate. Every...


Try one, or try them all! These three dips were a hit at the DSR cycling event a couple weeks ago and hopefully they will be at your next party or BBQ! They are all nutrient-dense, vegan and gluten free. Depending on your tastes and any food allergy considerations, pair them with pita chips, veggie chips, baguette slices and/or vegetable crudites, i.e. celery and carrot sticks.



When people choose, or are instructed by their doctor/nutritionist, to start following a gluten free diet, it’s common for them to feel like all of their favorite foods are being taken away from them — pizza, pasta, sandwiches, muffins, cereal, cookies, beer, etc. While I completely understand how it can feel this way at first, I love providing my clients, friends, family, etc. with recipes that are delicious and naturally gluten free, as...


Is going to the grocery store a dreaded chore? Does it send you into a state of panic at the realization you actually don’t know what to eat? Do all the food product labels make you dizzy with confusion? I get it. It’s a jungle out there! And I want to help you navigate it with grace and ease. By understanding front-of-package marketing labels, you’ll be armed against getting duped into buying processed foods with undesirable ingredients just...


Let’s face it – most of us feel like we’re experiencing some level of stress in our lives at the moment. Whether it’s family, work, financial or physical stress, our bodies are under some form of stress on a daily basis. While a bit of stress is a good thing – it’s what gets you out of bed in the morning and motivates you be a productive person – many of us are feeling too much stress too often or for too long which puts us at risk for...


The sun is out, the weather is heating up (for us lucky folks in Denver!)….which means backyard BBQs, Sunday beer sessions, happy hours, parties and weddings are kicking into gear. Spring/summer is a time to be social, but sometimes being social translates into being over-served.

As fun as drinking can be, the body really takes a hit. After a big day/night out, you gotta give your body some love. No one likes to feel badly after having...


In my first post on the subject of sleep, I discussed why it is important to get an adequate amount of high quality sleep, especially for athletes in training. It is important for health, recovery, body composition, and performance increases, among other things. I hope I convinced you! You might be wondering whether you are getting enough. As an athlete, getting the low-end of the recommendation (7 hours) might be leaving you chronically...


Ahh sleep, that magical ingredient to success that is so often pushed to the backburner. If sleep were optional, I’d probably opt to use the time in some more “productive” way. Think of all you could get done with 7-9 more hours a night?! However, the fact that sleep deprivation is used as method of torture is a salient example of how vital it is to our health and wellbeing. Like food or oxygen, without it, we will die. And athletes, far from...


I’m a huge fan of regular efforts to keep the body happy and healthy. Actions to proactively facilitate the body’s detoxification process need not be constrained to a yearly detox program, although an annual or semi-annual more intensive cleanse can be a great component of a healthy lifestyle. Today I’d like to share a simple, real-food recipe for daily detox. If you’re currently participating in Dr. Reddy’s 21-day detox, this recipe fits...


We’re now exactly one week into 2015. Maybe you’re the type A person who, on December 30th, had your New Year’s resolutions typed up, organized by category, and put up on the fridge. Or maybe you don’t believe in making resolutions, because you’ve failed too many times to count. Then some of you might find yourself in the middle.Whether the idea of making New Year’s Resolutions inspires or frustrates you, I think everyone can relate to some...


There are several things that distinguish elite athletes from those just trying to do the bare minimum to stay healthy or look decent in a swimsuit. One is the relentless pursuit of excellence, and an unquenchable desire to be better, stronger, faster, regardless of what it takes. This is a mentality I’ve seen in almost all elite athletes, and in all that separates the breeds of athlete, this is one that brings us all together.This is why it...